Social Responsability

Our team at Garnata Olive Oil are committed to offering our clients the highest quality olive oil products, excellent service and the commitment to do our business transactions in the time-honoured manner: our words are our bond.

Our business model is built upon core business foundations, and intended to produce sustainable profit to strengthen and grow our operation. Yet at the same time we are different. We have made the commitment that all the net profit from our business operations go to Fundación Educativa Al Andalus, an educational foundation based in Granada, Spain. The purpose is to allow for a profit-generating entity to be of service to society. Our team at Garnata Olive Oil believes that it is time to give back.


We believe that education is one of the corner stones of civil society. As we aspire to educate our clients about the quality of Andalusian olive oil through our Garnata Olive Oil brand and bring it to the tables of families around the world, we too want to participate in the social responsibility of quality education for the next generation. Society today is undergoing fundamental seismic shifts and sound education is an excellent investment for those who will have to traverse clearly through the currents of the future, and serve their own generation. As the legacy of today’s olive oil industry in Andalusia was establish by those before us, we hope that our business acumen and service to our clients be used to participate in the education of society in the future. This is our undertaking and this is our intended legacy. We invite you to join us on this journey.

As businessmen, we have challenged ourselves by this bold and innovative business model. We are committed to offering our superior product and excellent service to our clients and motivated by the added incentive of giving back through Fundación Educativa Al Andalus