About Us

Our team at Garnata Olive Oil aims to share the legacy of the highest quality olive oils from the Andalusian region of Spain, with the world. Our quality olive oil products are the culmination of the collective work of over 1,500 farmers and over 15,000 hectares of olive grove.

Our heritage

We take the name of our company from Garnata, the historical name given to one of the most important cities and areas of governance in Al-Andalus between 711 and 1492. It was in Garnata, where the world-renowned Al-Hambra palace was built at the foot of the mountains, then known as Salayr. It was during this epoch of high civilisation and culture that the Muslims from North Africa used their knowledge to refine and master the techniques of olive grove cultivation and irrigation, first brought to the region by the Romans, and established the renowned legacy of olive oil production that still continues today.

An example of the sophistication present in the peninsula at that time is the magisterial “Book of Agriculture”, compiled in 1058 by Abu Zacaria Iahia of Seville, the only agronomist mentioned by the famous historian Ibn Khaldūn. He surveyed almost every phase of agronomy, horticulture, irrigation, meteorology, entomology and veterinary science. In the book, he records, for example, his experiments in grafting the wild olive of the mountains with the domesticated olive of the plain; as well as the superior methods of cultivation and propagation for the olive tree in the region.

It is this legacy of superior olive oil cultivation and production that still shines in the Andalusian peninsula today. Even contemporary olive oil related words in Spanish – ceite (oil), aceitunas (olives), almazara (olive mill) – are derived from the Arabic language. We aim to share this continued legacy of the finest extra-virgin olive oils from the Andalusian peninsula in the products of Garnata Olive Oil with all the discerning consumers of the world.

Our passion

The Andalusian region today is the heart of the Spanish olive oil industry. Spain accounts for roughly half of the world olive oil production. Andalusia holds the distinction of being the world capital for olive oil production. Our passion is to educate and share with our customer and suppliers around the world that it is Andalusia and not Italy that is synonymous with quality extra-virgin olive oil!

Our team

Our administrative offices are in Granada, in view of the Al-Hambra palace and the Sierra Nevada mountain range. Our team consists of both locals and those from abroad to ensure the high quality production of our olive oil products, a professional business operation, and a clear communication and excellent service for our clients around the globe. Please do CONTACT US to find out more about our team and our excellent extra-virgin olive oils.